kmx 1At Dalby Bike Barn we are committed to ensuring that as many riders as possible get to experience cycling in the forest, irrespective of their ability. We will be running some All Ability Days during the year where families and groups can come along and experience cycling in the forest together. We have a range of bikes on offer including recumbent and upright trikes, adaptive wheelchair bikes and tandems. Groups with carers or families can come along together to experience off-road cycling in a traffic free, forest environment.
Where carers haven't used the bikes before we can offer advice and training on the day and once you've had a taste the bikes and leaders are available for hire all year round. All ability days will be priced at £20pp for a full day of trying out different bikes with training for carers or family members on how to use the bikes and where to ride. Everybody in the group can have a go!


All Ability Cycles 1velo-plus-cycleAll Ability Cycles 2

Outside of our All Ability Days the adaptive bikes (a small selection are shown above) are available to hire, year round along with leaders where required for training or specific needs. Please call us if you'd like to know more about All Ability Cycling and carer training or click here to see which bikes are currently available.
To ensure as many people as possible can experience All Ability Cycles are available for hire on a 1.5 hours basis.
Bike hire is £20 and a Leader for accompanying riders or carer training is £45 in addition to bike hire.
Specialist sessions such as tandem rides for the visually impaired can also be arranged. Call  01751 460537 for a chat or mail